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Specific Features of Basketball Betting


Many fans follow the course of sports fights enthusiastically, especially those who have bet on a certain outcome and expects to earn. Especially popular are the predictions and betting on basketball: experts say that this game, due to a number of features, lends itself well to analysis and forecasting, there is little likelihood of an unexpected outcome of the match.

Specificity of Predictions of Basketball Matches

When making predictions for basketball, as for any other team sport, you need to take into account a combination of factors below. They will help you to bet successfully at

  • rating of both opposing teams in the standings;
  • the current form of the team (the course and results of the last matches with its participation);
  • meeting history of these rivals in the current and previous seasons;
  • news, events that can affect the shape of the team and its motivation - change of command personnel, coach, sports director, leading player injury;
  • statistics of bookmaker odds for the upcoming game.

Accurate predictions for basketball make it easier than for other sports:

  • in view of the big total, the probability of an accidental decisive goal in the last minute is extremely low (in football this happens quite often, therefore, it is more difficult to make predictions for football matches);
  • for the same reason (big total score), matches are rarely translated into overtime.

Prospects for basketball from professionals are made taking into account the specifics of the games in different leagues. Thus, the tight schedule in the NBA facilitates the collection and analysis of statistics, increases the permeability of the forecast. Characteristic features of matches between foreign teams are:

  • a small total in the initial matches of the season, after a long break;
  • the deterioration of the team’s performance at the first time after a significant renewal of command personnel — in this sport, teamwork is especially important, and it is not immediately achieved;
  • a decrease in the total score in the playoff games, since teams prefer defense to attack, players do not take active steps.

What Can Influence on the Match Result?

The result of the match may be influenced by events that occurred during the last day or even several hours. Therefore, in order to make successful bets, it is important to study the forecast for basketball today. Our information site provides players with this opportunity by publishing up-to-date information about the matches of the NBA and VNBA teams. With us you can study basketball forecasts for free and make a bet in accordance with the recommendations of analysts. The best basketball predictions are made using a special algorithm that takes into account many factors.

Elisabeth Murray,
July 15, 2019, 5:46 PM